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First SEATTA Official European Center



BANGKOK, Thailand – SEATTA has announced a partnership contract with Linz AG Froschberg in Austria and approved Linz AG Froschberg as SEATTA official European Center and Office starting on January 1, 2022. The main objective of this partnership contract is to develop South East Asian players to an international level whereby Linz AG Froschberg will become the training place for South East Asian players for training with international table tennis players and Austrian table tennis players to raise their level and gain competition experience to an international level.

President of SEATTA comments :

“I wish this partnership between SEATTA and Lin AG Froschberg will benefit our players in South East Asia and create new opportunities for all of us especially the chance to play in high level of competition.”

Mr.Nattavuth Ruengves
President of SEATTA

Now there are many South East Asian players training and competing in Europe such as SUTHASINI SAWETTABUT from Thailand or Lin Ye from Singapore. SEATTA hopes that this project will create more chances for South East Asian players to join the European league.

Apithai Bumrungpanictarworn


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