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Thailand will host 2 WTT Tournaments in September 2023

The Table Tennis Association of Thailand (TTAT) is set to host two exciting World Table Tennis (WTT) tournaments in September 2023. The first tournament is the WTT Feeder scheduled for 4-10 September, followed by the WTT Youth Contender from 11-17 September.

This is a significant development for Thai table tennis, as it provides an excellent opportunity for the country to showcase its talented players, promote the sport and continue its quest to become a leading table tennis destination in the region.

The WTT Feeder event will feature some of the world's top table tennis players, offering young players an opportunity to build their rankings and a pathway to advancing to the world stage. The WTT Youth Contender, on the other hand, will feature junior players from around the world battling for the coveted title.

Hosting these tournaments is a testament to the TTAT's commitment to promoting and developing table tennis in Thailand. It also demonstrates the confidence WTT has in Thailand's ability to organize world-class events and provide an excellent experience for participating athletes and fans.

Furthermore, the hosting of these events is a significant boost to Thailand's tourism sector, bringing in international players, officials, and their respective delegations, local fans, and other visitors to the country, providing a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders to showcase the best of Thailand and demonstrate the country's hospitality.

As we look forward to these significant events, we must acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the TTAT and its partners in preparing for the tournaments. We wish them all the best as they continue to promote and develop table tennis in Thailand, set new sporting standards, and create an excellent platform for athletes to showcase their talents.

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