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Dear SEATTA friends and family,

We have just concluded our 14th Congress Meeting 2022 in Bangkok last week. The meeting took place at the official hotel of our 2022 SEAJTTC (Southeast Asian Junior Cadet Table Tennis Championships) and 2022 SEATTC (Southeast Asian Table Tennis Championships). Please find the bulletin attached to this email for your reference.

This is the first time in our history to have both events along with the congress held in one place at the same time. We should greatly thank Mr.Nattavuth Ruengves and TTAT for their effort and generosity.

There are numerous activities and events arranged by SEATTA and TTAT during the 14 days over there, namely

  • 15 – 16 June      Southeast Asian Junior Cadet Training Camp 2022

  • 16 June                TTAT Sponsorships Signing Ceremony

  • 17 – 22 June       26th South East Asian Junior Cadet Table Tennis Championships 2022

  • 22 June                 ITTF,ATTU,SEATTA & TTAT visit and meet with Thailand Ministry of Sport & Tourism

  • 22 June                WTT Events Meeting & Discussion with Mr.Steve Dainton (ITTF CEO)

  • 22 June                 Farewell & Welcome Ceremony for all athletes

  • 23 – 28 June       12th South East Asian Table Tennis Championships 2022

  • 23 June                ITTF,ATTU,SEATTA & TTAT visit and meet with Governor Thailand Sport Authority

  • 23 June                Welcome lunch for Mr.Khalil Al Mohannadi (ATTU President), Mr. Steve Dainton (ITTF CEO) and SEATTA meeting delegates at Grand Four Wings Convention Hotel

  • 24 June                14th SEATTA Congress Meeting

  • 28 June                Farewell party for Technical Officials

I can be sure that all participants, athletes, officials, and visitors were leaving with a great memory and full appreciation.

The most important aspect  I would like to point out here, is the tournaments itself. TTAT has set the new bar for organizing events.

  • The venue was well prepared and high standard

  • The organizing committee were well trained and responsive

  • Live streaming for 2 tables (Live Youtube channel and Facebook live)

  • Award ceremony were flawlesly done

During the 14th SEATTA Congress, the highest body of SEATTA, the forum have agreed to all propositions and re elect all the EC members, Council and Committees members to the new term 2022 to 2025. We have some replacements from Table Tennis Association Malaysia of its EC and Council member, which agreed by all EC members.

SEATTA also had an agreement with Linz Froschberg Austria to send young players from Southeast Asian to experience the training and competition in Europe. Before the closing of The 12thSEATTC 2022, Phillipines Table Tennis Federation and Indonesia Table Tennis Association had submitted the players registration for upcoming league (September 2022). We wish them all the success.

Lastly , I would like to share a very important insight, our official Facebook page (South East Asian Table Tennis Association) has reached more than 35K post reach, 20K post engagements and 3K clicks during the whole events process. We surely hope our the social media will reach more audiences in the future. SEATTA had invited its member associates to manage the account together, we had great response from all the members, as right now our FB account is managed by our friends from Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

I really hope we could meet again in the near future.


Muchlis Marliono

Secretary General SEATTA

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