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EC & Council Meeting on the 16th of May 2022


Left to right : Mr. Niwat Semangern, Referee 31st Sea Games 2022, Mr. Chan Foong Keong, SEATTA Special Advisor, Mr Nattavuth   Ruengves, SEATTA President, Mr. Muchlis Marliono, SEATTA Secretary General, Ms. Rachel Ramos, SEATTA Council Member, and Mr. Joseph Lau, SEATTA Techical Chairman


SEATTA is having its EC & Council Meeting on the 16th of May 2022 during The 31st Sea Games 2022 Hanoi.
The SEATTA President, Mr. Nattavuth Ruengves from Thailand will lead the meeting in person. The meeting will be attended by SEATTA Secretary General, Mr. Muchlis Marliono of Indonesia. Mr. Ting Ledesma and Mr. Mai Duy Dien of Vietnam as SEATTA Vice President will be in attended as well. SEATTA will discuss about its future plan and regional development.

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