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SOUTH EAST ASIAN TABLE TENNIS ASSOCIATION (SEATTA) is the governing body of South East Asia table tennis association with the responsibility for the development of table tennis in South East Asia Countries, including the competitions in the region such as SEA Games, SEA junior championship and SEA Hopes championship.

Our Aims

1. To enhance friendship among the people and table tennis players of the countries in the region and to develop friendly ties between the table tennis circles and players of Asia.

2. To promote the popularization, development and advancement of table tennis in South

East Asian region.

List of SEATTA Members

1. Brunei Darussalam Table Tennis Association

2. Lao Table Tennis Federation

3. Indonesia Table Tennis Association

4. Cambodia Table Tennis Federation

5. Myanmar Table Tennis Federation

6. Philippines Table Tennis Federation

7. Singapore Table Tennis Association

8. The Table Tennis Association of Thailand

9. Vietnam Table Tennis Federation

10. Table Tennis Association of Malaysia

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Mr. Nattavuth RUENGVES (THA)
SEATTA President 2022 - 2025


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