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1. SEATTA divided all the events in our region into 5 categories

A. SEA Games : organized by SEAGF and the participants are SEATTA members + Timor Leste

B. SEA Champs : organized by SEATTA formerly called SEATTC (South East Asia Table Tennis Championships),we use shorter names to make the event more appealing to the public.

C. SEA Youth : organized by SEATTA , previously known as SEAJCTTC (South East Asia Junior Cadet Table Tennis Championships), as ITTF/WTT had moved to the terminology Youth instead of Junior Cadet.

D. SEA Hope : organized by SEATTA & ITTF HPD to promote the sport to players U13, and eventually prepare SEA players for World Hope Weekend & Challenge annually

E. SEA Masters : Organized by SEATTA for players over 40 years old, we hope to host this event yearly

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